DOG Hamish - 100% NZ
Sire: BHR OG's Gunnar
Dam: RDH Isaiah's Black Satin
When we first began this endeavor, a wise couple told us, "breed with a purpose".
This buck was born on August 9, 2018 and raised a twin. He weighed 8 pounds at birth and weaned at 80 days with a weight of 46 pounds.  He is a beautiful red roan with icy blue eyes.  He's wide in the chest with thick back legs and he's built solid. Hamish is double bred Goldmine's Blockbuster and his dam's side brings Iron Horse, Sunboy Stanton, and Tom Black genetics and his sire's side brings Outlaw and Lightin's Pan genetics.
RHK Strike's War Paint
aka "Rico"
RHK Strike's War Paint - 100% NZ
Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)
Sire: RDH Strike Gold
Dam: AFS C132 (Sugar)
We are super excited to add these genetics into our breeding program here at the farm.
This guy was born February 27, 2019. He was born a triplet and has grown exceptionally well. "Rico Suave" as we call him here at the farm, weighed 106 pounds at 10 months old.
Brian Graves, of Rocky Hill Kikos where War Paint came from, has a similar farm management style like we do here at The Abandoned Dog.  This includes rotational grazing through similar browse and pasture grasses, CAE, CL and Johnes testing and CD&T plus CL vaccination protocols. When you maintain a closed herd, it's a big decision to open your farm up and add new animals.
This guy is built like a tank. Thick neck, straight legs and back, dark even hooves, deep & wide chest and a heavy back end.

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