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RDH  Finnigan
100 % New Zealand

Picked up this youngster from Dean Hill Kikos. Born 1 April 2022, and has a lot of growing to do and big shoes to fill. We are super excited to add his lineage to our girls that have done nothing but impressed us year after year. This boy is bred, Isaiah's Fire over an Indian Outlaw doe, and will be sure to add additional size, parasite resistance and super mothering abilities and instincts to the herd. 
MRG Jacobite Rising
100% New Zealand

This fellow comes by way of M.R. Goats. He was born 2/2/2022. His overall confirmation speaks for itself and the exceptional lineage definitely will be a nice addition to our farm. He's a handsome red buck that is super stout, squared off and has a frame ready for size. 

DOG Tuukka- Purebred

Sire: BHR OG’s Gunnar

Dam: HMK Jolie


RHK Strike's War Paint
aka "Rico"
RHK Strike's War Paint - 100% NZ
Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)
Sire: RDH Strike Gold
Dam: AFS C132 (Sugar)

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