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Free range, humanely raised, unwashed eggs.

$5 Large / dz
Can meet up at certain times, or you can come to farm or meet at Lansing Creeper Trail park 


Goat Milk Soap
2 -3 ounces = $3 each
Current Inventory
*Mountain Rain
*Fresh Linen
*Simple Goats Milk (no dye, no added scent)



Ground = $12 pack (approx. 1 lb.)
Stew = $14 pack (approx. 1 lb.) OUT OF STOCK 
Soup Bones = $8 (approx. 3-4 lb.)
Organ Meat = $5 pack
(heart, liver, kidney)
Shipping NOT available but can deliver local at certain times or pick up directly from farm or Lansing Creeper Trail Park

Hand Crocheted Goats
Acrilic Yarn
Button Eyes
$20 + Shipping Cost
(customizable colors, beard, head tuff, belly patch, face patch,
eyes (buttons or yarn) +$10)

height size sitting - approx. 12" (butt to top of horn)
shoulder width - approx. 5" 

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