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Free range, humanely raised, unwashed eggs.

$5 Large / dz
Can meet up at certain times, or you can come to farm or meet at
Lansing Creeper Trail Park


Goat Milk Soap
2 -3 ounces = $3 each
Current Inventory
*Cherry Blossom
*Simple Goats Milk (no dye, no added scent)



Soap Sox
$2 each
Various colors
Use these as a 'holder' for your soaps and it's a built in loofa/scrunchie/washcloth

collect all those pieces of soap in one spot.


Ground = $12 pack (approx. 1 lb.)
Stew = $14 pack (approx. 1 lb.) OUT OF STOCK 
Soup Bones = $8 (approx. 3-4 lb.)
Organ Meat = $5 pack
(heart, liver, kidney)
Shipping NOT available but can deliver local at certain times or pick up directly from farm or Lansing Creeper Trail Park


Hand Crocheted Goats
Acrilic Yarn
$20 + Shipping Cost
(customizable colors, beard, head tuff, belly patch, face patch, +$10)

height size sitting - approx. 12" (butt to top of horn)
shoulder width - approx. 5" 

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