100% New Zealand Does

SMK Jasmine - 100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

This light red doe is an outstanding doe and excellent mother. Her pedigree includes Iron Horse, Apache Loverboy and Blues Son


Jasmine was paired up with Junior Herd Sire - RHK Strike's War Paint. 


3/12/20 Buckling 7.7# & Doe 6.6#

RDH Isaiah's Roho Vision - 100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

Stunning blue eyed 'Isaiah's Fire' daughter!  Tall and long.


Vision had triplets on 3/21/20. 2 bucks and a doe, unfortunately only 1 buck survived. He weighed 9.4# 

DRG Onyx's Wicked Powder -  100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

 This doe is huge! She is very tall, long and great confirmation. This girl is triple bred TAY Onyx.


Powder was paired up with BHR OG's Gunnar. 

3/17/20 Doe 7.4# & Doe 8.0#

RDH Isaiah's Black Satin - 100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

 This frosty blue-eyed girl is the second addition to the farm from one of our favorite herdsires, "Isaiah's Fire" from Dean Hill Kikos.


Satin kidded twins, Buck 8.1# and a Doe 7.0# on 3/19/20

LFK Outlaw's Gloria - 100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

This girl has some pedigree behind her! Her Dam comes from another of our favorite Kiko breeders, Nip-N-Tuk Kiko Meat Goats and of course her Sire is MRG Outlaw.  

DOG Odin's Powder Blue - 100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

This girl was retained based on the exceptional qualities that her Sire and Dam possess. She hasn't disappointed us! Great feet, parasite resistance, good size and excellent maternals. She was a FF this Spring and she gave us twin Doelings on March 19, 2020.

(updated picture coming soon)

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