100% New Zealand Does

SMK Jasmine - 100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

This light red doe is an outstanding doe and excellent mother. Her pedigree includes Iron Horse, Apache Loverboy and Blues Son

Jasmine and Hamish teamed up this year. Triplets (2 does and 1 buck) arrived 9 March 2021


RDH Isaiah's Roho Vision - 100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

Stunning blue eyed 'Isaiah's Fire' daughter!  Tall and long.

Vision and "Rico" teamed up this year. Vision had triplet does on 9 March 2021

DRG Onyx's Wicked Powder -  100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

 This doe is huge! She is very tall, long and great confirmation. This girl is triple bred TAY Onyx.

Powder and Hamish teamed up this year. HUGE twins out of this paring. Buck and a doe on 10 March 2021

RDH Isaiah's Black Satin - 100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

 This frosty blue-eyed girl is the second addition to the farm from one of our favorite herdsires, "Isaiah's Fire" from Dean Hill Kikos.

Satin and "Rico" teamed up this year. Satin kidded triplet awesome bucks on March 12, 2021

LFK Outlaw's Gloria - 100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

This girl has some pedigree behind her! Her Dam comes from another of our favorite Kiko breeders, Nip-N-Tuk Kiko Meat Goats and of course her Sire is MRG Outlaw.  

Gloria and "Rico" teamed up this year. Twins were born March 17, 20201

DOG Odin's Powder Blue - 100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

This girl was retained based on the exceptional qualities that her Sire and Dam possess. She hasn't disappointed us! Great feet, parasite resistance, good size and excellent maternals. 

Blue and "Rico" teamed up this year, and twin doelings were born 8 March 2021


SLS Nessie - 100% NZ

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

This girl came a long distance to reside here at the DOG farm. We are looking forward to her kids next spring. She's solid black with some really long legs!

ACK Donna - 100% NZ

THICK! This girl really caught our   eye. We decided it was time to add a few new genetics to our herd and this is one of two we purchased from Ambrose Creek Kikos. We are super excited to cross her with our NZ herdsire this fall. 


ACK Wolfie - 100% NZ

This is the second awesome doe we purchased from Ambrose Creek Kikos. Talk about unique! Wolfie is a character and her unique color defines that for sure. We love does that are symmetrical, with straight top lines, great feet and a nice udder structure. This girl also will be paired with Strike's War Paint this fall.