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Purebred Does

HMK Jolie - Purebred


Jolie is our "old lady" here at the farm. She was born in April of 2014. She is still an active part of the farm and will have her 7th kidding, at 10 years old in the Spring of 2024. Thus far, she has given us 14 kids (9 does and 5 bucks). This girl is an awesome mom, has terrific feet and still has the udder of a 3 year old. I wish I had a whole herd of "Jolie's"!

WHF E70 Lucie - Purebred

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

In my husbands words "we have got to have her".  This red doe is stunning! Tall, long, brilliant white eyes. Her lineage boasts a ton of size with Sarah's Son and Wild Bill on the top and Hoss and Black Paradox on bottom. Talk about the perfect goat! This girl has it all - hearty, size, outstanding maternal's and great feet.

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