Purebred Does

HMK Jocelyn - Purebred

Jocelyn is our Alpha Doe here on the farm. Her open weight is an average of 135 -140  pounds.  She is an  excellent mother, and easily a favorite here at the farm.



HMK Jolie - Purebred

Color, color, color! This multicolored doe has size, color and great mothering ability. She's an easy keeper with great feet. We call this girl our 'hammer'. She is second in command here at the farm.


CBK 4072 Freyja - Purebred

She's our best mother on the farm.  Even though she is an average size Kiko doe, she is an attentive mother, has a perfect udder and is an easy keeper. This Doe never disappoints us and always kids and raises her kids unassisted. 


WHF E70 Lucie - Purebred

Dual Registered (NKR/AKGA)

In my husbands words "we have got to have her".  This red doe is stunning! Tall, long, brilliant white eyes. Her lineage boasts a ton of size with Sarah's Son and Wild Bill on the top and Hoss and Black Paradox on bottom. Talk about the perfect goat! This girl has it all - hearty, size, outstanding maternal's and great feet.




DOG Tove - Purebred

Pure white with frosty white eyes! Tove is a stocky built doe with a nice deep chest and stout legs. We are looking forward to her first kidding Spring 2021


DOG Kentucky's Bourbon - Purebred

This was a doe that was hard to let go off the farm. She was raised a twin with her brother and astonished us with her growth and ADG milestones. Lucky for us, the folks who bought her retired and allowed us to buy her back. She's a huge, long legged doe that has the genetics we like on our farm


TKI Kiera - Purebred

Kiera came from a DOG home grown doe, Rogue - who is at home with Dean Hill Kikos. We were super excited to be able to purchase and bring this girl back to the farm. She is pure black, with striking blue-eyes that she inherited from her sire. She won't be in the breeding rotation until Fall 2022, but we expect big things from her.


DOG Mead - Purebred

Mead was born and raised a quad. She had 3 brothers and all kids were raised unassisted by our alpha doe here on the farm. All 4 kids maintained close weights from birth to weaning. Mead has done exceptionally well with a 1 year weight of 79.6 pounds She's a thick, stocky doe that we plan to put into the breeding rotation this Fall (2021)