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Another milestone at The Abandoned Dog!

February 21, 2019, we have been certified and honored to use and promote the Homegrown By Heroes Label—the official farmer veteran branding program of America. The label serves to inform consumers that agricultural products displaying the logo are produced by U.S. Military veterans. More than 1,100 farmer veterans around the country are certified with the label.

Here is the mission of the Farmer Veteran Coalition

"We cultivate a new generation of farmers and food leaders, and develop viable employment and meaningful careers through the collaboration of the farming and military communities. We believe that veterans possess the unique skills and character needed to strengthen rural communities and create sustainable food systems. We believe that agriculture offers purpose, opportunity, and physical and psychological benefits".

For more information about this program please click on the Homegrown By Heroes icon at the top of our page.

On the 9th of Sept. 2018 we held our first "CRAFT" Workshop" here at our farm.


  Raising Meat Goats

Workshop & Potluck

"Join Nona and Jeff Cullen of The Abandoned Dogs Kiko Goats farm as they give a walking tour of their farm and share details about raising meat goats and the rotational grazing system they use.

At the workshop, we’ll discuss signs and symptoms of health issues in goats, and what to look for as you check on and move your goats between paddocks. We’ll also discuss moveable, solar powered fencing options. Jeff and Nona will share some of the problems they have encountered raising goats in the High Country as well as their creative solutions. Come ready to learn and share your experience with raising livestock and rotational grazing!"


We made the paper!!!

Featured in the publication, "Country Folks" click on the button below to read the article written about

The Abandoned Dog Kiko Goats.

Blue Ridge Collaborative Regional Alliance for Farmer Training (CRAFT) cultivates meaningful mentor relationships between aspiring and experienced farmers. We believe that the educational and professional development of tomorrow’s growers and producers informs the health of our diverse local-food system and rural economy. 

We are honored that we were selected to receive a $2500 '2018 Direct to Farm' grant from Blue Ridge Women In Agriculture with the grant sponsored by Heifer International USA.  

This grant has allowed us to purchase over 1000' of electro-net fencing and a solar charger to utilize an area of our property that has terrain that was to difficult to fence in using traditional welded wire fencing and posts.


Being able to use this additional fencing allows us almost 13 more acres of prime browsing for our goats, and also allows more pasture rest in our main paddocks.  

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