Percentage Does

GCK Inga - 88%

This lady is huge, I would compare her to a clydesdale! In all seriousness, she is stunning. She's one of the tallest does here on the farm, beautiful coloring, stout large frame.

Inga was a FF and kidded triplets on March 20, 2019. 2 does and a buck. 

MVK Exavier's Angel - 50%

Sports Kat, Nanook Onyx Bear, Piper Bear and Heslington Sting round out the Sire side of this doe.  Her flashy coloring is eye catching! She has plenty of length, height and depth to carry kids.


This flashy lady delivered a beautiful 8.02 lb doeling as a first time dam on August 4th 2018 sired by Odin. The little 75% doeling is an eye catcher, same as mom.

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