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We have been invited to the 2022 Heritage Kiko Showcase held at Carroll County Ag Center in Carrollton, GA

This event will be the 5th & 6th of August


We always look forward to this event and we've set aside three great yearling does to bring to this years sale. 


DOG Tarten Blue

100% NZ Twin

DOB: 3/8/2021

BW: 6.20 lbs

WW: 41.4 lbs

Sire: RHK Strike's War Paint

Dam: DOG Odin's Powder Blue


DOG Limerick

100% NZ Triplet

DOB: 3/9/2021

BW: 5.20 lbs

ww: 33.8 lbs

Sire: RHK Strike's War Paint

Dam: RDH Isaiah's Roho Vision


DOG Neve

Purebred Twin

DOB: 3/9/2021

BW: 7.4 lbs

WW: 46.8 lbs

Sire: DOG Hamish

Dam: DOG Tove

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