After evaluations, culling and selections for Kiko Breeder sales we've decided to offer the following does for sale


Keep an eye on the website for the does that will be available at the 2022 Kiko Breeder sales.


Tag #129

100% NZ

qualifies for dual registration (NKR/AKGA)


Born - 3/9/21

Sire: RHK Strike's War Paint

Dam: RDH Isaiah's Roho Vision

BW: 6.60

90 Day : 36

150 Day: 41

This girl is stunning to look at and it doesn't hurt that she's double bred ECR Roho Grande'. Her two sisters will be offered at the other breeders sales this year. 


Pending Sale


Tag #121


NKR Registration


Born - 3/8/21

Sire: RHK Strike's War Paint

Dam: HMK Jocelyn 

BW: 6.80

90 Day: 42

150 Day: 50.2

This yearling is a very easy keeper, great body confirmation and easy on the eyes! Her Dam (our Alpha doe) is still here producing on the farm at 8 years old.


Pending Sale


Tag # 132


NKR Registration


Born: 3/11/21

Sire: RHK Strike's War Paint

Dam: CBK 4072 Freyja

BW: 9

90 Day: 54.2

150 Day: 63.8 

This girl comes from probably our easiest keeper and best mom on the farm. She's a no-nonsense doe, and has great body condition.


Pending Sale