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We have been invited to the 2023 Mountain Premier Invitational being held on the 27th of May in Weston, WV.
We plan to bring some outstanding yearlings out of our previous herd sire, RHK Strike's War Paint. 

DOG Shannon


100% NZ Triplet


BW: 5.80

WW: 36.80

Sire: RHK Strike's War Paint

Dam: DRG Onyx's Wicked Powder

This is a hard one to let go. Her dam is huge and has a dry weight of 160lbs! Shannon is super friendly, never been dewormed and her confirmation is stellar.

Lot #87.JPG

Lot # 87

DOG Signy


100% NZ Triplet


BW: 6.2

WW: 37.40

Sire: RHK Strike's War Paint

Dam: SMK Jasmine

Signy comes from one of our best and productive dams. Jasmine is a stout, shorter goat but that never stops her from kidding exceptional kids. This yearling will absolutely be an asset to any farm.

Lot #67.JPG

Lot #67

DOG Brenna


Purebred Triplet


BW: 6

WW: 34

Sire: RHK Strike's War Paint

Dam: HMK Jolie

Brenna's dam is 9 years old with a great udder and still working on the farm. Brenna is independent, a terrific forager and has great hooves. 

Lot #36.JPG

Lot #36

DOG Carrick


Purebred Triplet


BW: 7.4

WW: 41

Sire: RHK Strike's War Paint

Dam: HMK Jolie

Carrick is a friendly, beautiful tricolored yearling with a great pedigree. She's a sturdy doe, with great hooves and a straight topline. Her dam is 9 years old, still working here on the farm with a great udder.

Lot #11.JPG

Lot # 11

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