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We have been invited to the 2023 NKR Spotlight Sale held at Tennessee Tech University in Cookeville, Tennessee

This event will be the 19th & 20st of May

We always look forward to this event and we've set aside two great yearling does sired by Strike's War Paint to bring to this years sale. 

DOG Bo'Ness

100% New Zealand


This triplet (all sisters) weaned at 90 days with a weight of 42#. She is solid! Her dam is a favorite here and never disappoints us. At  7 y/o she weaned just over 123 pounds of babies, no creep feeding and no extra supplements for mom. The dam is a great producer and always has been. Excellent udder, temperament, parasite resistance, and hoof structure is strong and sturdy. This yearling will no doubt be an excellent addition to any farm. 

Lot #41


DOG Aran

100% New Zealand


This triplet yearling is stunning! She's got flashy blue streaked eyes and a black and tan coat that is hard to take your eyes off. This girl has performed outstanding after weaning, and continues to be a standout in the herd. No creep feeding and nothing extra for mom. She's hearty and an easy keeper just like her dam with a proven pedigree for success!


Lot #117

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