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* New photos coming soon*
These bucklings will be ready for new homes at their 150 day mark


Tag # 173
100% NZ / Single
BW: 10.4 lbs
90D: 58.8 lbs

Dont let this guy being a single fool you! His dam consistently weans her kids with outstanding weights. Last year she had triplet bucklings all weaning within a pound of each other at 49, 50 & 51 pounds. The year before she had twins that weaned at 48 & 50 pounds. The doe in that group was 101 pounds on her year birthday. This boy is a super easy keeper, strong black hooves, straight top line and long legs.  

*Dual registration available


Tag # 166
Purebred / Twin
BW: 6.8 lbs
90D: 52.4 lbs
150D: 63.4 lbs

This blue-eyed handsome fella is stocky and ready for work! Outlaw genetics over Iron Horse genetics have always been a success story here at the farm. This homegrown buckling is sure to be an assest to a farm of his own. 



Tag # 154
100% NZ / Triplet
BW: 7.8 lbs
90D: 48.2 lbs
150D: 60 lbs

Triple bred Roho Grande' genetics! We dont supplement multiple births and our weights posted are true. Our herd dams work to get these kids to appropriate weaning weights. This buck has beautiful coloring, a stacked pedigree, long legs and a nice round hip.



Tag # 160
"Danny Boy"
Purebred / Single
BW: 8.5 lbs
90D: 48 lbs
150D: 57.6 lbs

This copper colored PB buck comes from a first freshener who was  born and raised a quad out of our herd alpha doe. We liked her body composition and disposition so much, we retained her in the herd. This boy has a nice straight top line and a wide chest and is really starting to fill out. 



Tag # 155
100% NZ / Triplet
BW: 7.0 lbs
90D: 48 lbs
150D: 63.4 lbs

This super friendly buck sports tons of exact characteristics like his Sire. Rusty genetics are heavy in this buck and we have no doubt he will grow into a tremendous herd sire at his own farm.




Tag # 145
100% NZ / Triplet
BW: 8.4 lbs
90D: 52.6 lbs
150D: 67.2 lbs

Double Rusty over triple Onyx genetics here! This flashy buckling is tall and long! His dam is the largest doe in our herd with a dry weight of 155. This boy is an easy keeper, great hooves and plenty to give to a farm of his own. 

*Dual registration eligible

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